IEEE Summer School

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Proudly, we want to announce that the first station of the IEEE Summer School has been passed successfully where the basics of electronics and robotics have been introduced to our students. Here, we leave you with some shots that reflect the reality of what has been accomplished. Our club has not yet finished; there are [...]

LABVIEW course

By |2019-05-31T01:32:52+00:00December 10th, 2018|

Our society decided to make a course in “Lab View “ in the period from 10/12 to 24/12. We chose this course because it’s very important in communication engineering field. Also , we received a great interest from the students.

IEEE JCSC18 – IEEE communication society congress-

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The IEEE Jordan Communication Society Congress  is the largest student event in Jordan specialized in Telecommunication Engineering and its disciplines.  The primary goal of the JCSC is to enhance and foster the engineering sense and capabilities through different sessions, exchanging experience and knowledge between academia, industry and students from different parts of Jordan.  [...]

IEEE day booth

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On the anniversary of founding IEEE Day on  9/10/2018, Our society has a dedicated corner “booth” to present some scientific projects and it included an entertainment items. Also, we discussed so many topics about telecommunication technology with other students    

JSYP booth

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The IEEE students and young professionals congress JSYPC 2018 hosted by Al-Balqa Applied University , under the patronage of her prof. Adel Altwiesi. The COMSOC society presented ‘ an introduction booth ‘ , we presented all benefits of the ComSoc membership and we also presented the application of SDR module in MATLAB for communication application [...]

Opening event

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The “Opening Event “ was on 4/7/2018. At that day the journey of our society began.  We started a new beginning with a strong plan and determination. Many interested students and some special faculty members shared that day with us .